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An in-depth understanding of national energy policies

As metering assets age, they are more likely to incur failures and eventually reach the end of their lifespan. To ensure consistently high levels of functionality and efficiency, it’s paramount that these metering assets are updated.

If your assets are approaching or more than 20 years old, your supplier or whoever owns the meter may contact you to replace them in order to ensure optimal performance and productivity. This is part of the maintenance obligation for the people who own your meter, so there’s no associated cost to the property occupier.

Why Choose Smarter Metering Services?

With eight years’ experience, Smarter Metering Services has the knowledge and experience to make sure that your property is both energy efficient and meets all government initiatives. We have an in-depth understanding of the key influences on energy consumption in both the domestic and commercial marketplace, how to identify metering assets at risk of fault or failure accurately and provide you with a smarter metering asset.

Here at Smarter Metering Services, we have comprehensive experience replacing outdated meter assets with more efficient metering assets across a wealth of different environments. Working on behalf of the meter owner, we plan and complete the replacement of these assets, tailored to the exact requirements of our customers.

We can replace aged meter assets across varying domestic and commercial environments often in an hour or less. Minimal disruption to your home or place of work is assured as the same stellar customer-centric experience that our customers enjoy with all our services.

OFGEM requires that only an approved meter installer working on behalf of the asset manager should change old, low performance or meters at risk of failure. We have the expertise and relevant accreditations to change aged domestic and commercial meter assets on a like-for-like basis.

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Smarter Metering Services

We provide a full range of services to customers across the UK. These include:

Smart Metering (Gas and Electricity)

Delivering Smart Metering across the UK


Reactive & Emergency Works

Committed reactive works and emergency incident response service


Adversarial Warrant Work

Complete range of adversarial/warrant works


Industrial & Commercial Metering

High-level industrial and commercial metering


Industrial & Commercial Gas Connections

Fully managed end-to-end connection service


Downstream Connections & Sub Metering

Full design, capacity load assessment and installation


Data Management & Monitoring

Complete data management and monitoring for gas and electricity

Our Services

Our Accreditations

Our approved directory of Subcontract Infrastructure Provider (UIP’s) they are also accredited multi utility installers, working closely with our contractors have the capacity to work with networks in all environments, areas and locations.

All work is completed to conscientious IGE compliance standards and our engineers are fully accredited, holding Gas Safe and all requisite qualifications.

Each of the projects we undertake is completed under all relevant OFGEM guidelines. This ensures that our work is aligned with consumer interest and completed to the highest standard.

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