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Complete data management and monitoring for gas and electricity

We deliver complete data management and monitoring for gas and electricity installations to the industrial & commercial (I&C) and domestic markets. Essential to efficient energy management, we can help you to reduce energy consumption, costs and take control of your overall usage.

Our services allow you to better understand usage patterns – identifying peak usage times, high users or any otherwise undetectable leaks, we can also demonstrate key areas of energy usage. This means that you can optimise your energy consumption. Introducing further energy efficiency measures and, where applicable, obtain necessary funding for them can be achieved with ease. With our data management and monitoring service, it’s easy for you to keep track of your costs, usage, assets and site data.

Establish historic energy consumption patterns and compare current energy consumption with historic data/benchmarks when you choose our data management and monitoring service. Our essential insights help to set future energy targets, compare consumption with targets and establish trends, allowing you to better understand your usage.

The Four Steps of Our Data Management and Monitoring Service

Energy Data Collection

The accurate monitoring and targeting we perform ensure that your environment has a reliable metering and sub-metering system. We also establish that all utility meters are generating a regular pulse to allow for half-hourly data collection from the main fiscal meters and conduct an accurate and in-depth consumption analysis.

Energy Monitoring and Analysis

Once your sub-metering is in place, the second step is to collect the consumption data and send it to our in house energy monitoring and targeting software (M&T). Consistent energy monitoring and targeting ensure an accurate data consumption overview along with a quick diagnosis of anomalies and faults within the full metering and pipework system.

Energy Reporting

Having gathered all the required data, we will then run this through the (M&T) software and compile a report for your organisation. Our energy consultants have a wealth of experience helping clients across the UK to save significant time and money through our bespoke monthly energy reports.

Business Energy Targets

Energy targeting requires ongoing monitoring with clear, measurable targets. Defining targets is essential to ensure that your domestic and commercial energy consumption is both realistic and achievable. Likely savings can also be highlighted through good housekeeping and other energy initiatives.

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Smarter Metering Services

We provide a full range of services to customers across the UK. These include:

Smart Metering (Gas and Electricity)

Delivering Smart Metering across the UK


Domestic Policy Exchange

An in-depth understanding of national energy policies


Reactive & Emergency Works

Committed reactive works and emergency incident response service


Adversarial Warrant Work

Complete range of adversarial/warrant works


Industrial & Commercial Metering

High-level industrial and commercial metering


Industrial & Commercial Gas Connections

Fully managed end-to-end connection service


Downstream Connections & Sub Metering

Full design, capacity load assessment and installation

Our Services

Our Accreditations

Our approved directory of Subcontract Infrastructure Provider (UIP’s) they are also accredited multi utility installers, working closely with our contractors have the capacity to work with networks in all environments, areas and locations.

All work is completed to conscientious IGE compliance standards and our engineers are fully accredited, holding Gas Safe and all requisite qualifications.

Each of the projects we undertake is completed under all relevant OFGEM guidelines. This ensures that our work is aligned with consumer interest and completed to the highest standard.

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